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  2. Cute itty-bitty fluff balls ; ___ ;

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  3. chainsandcherries:






    Baby bat gets the hiccups

    I’m screaming.
    “I really did not mean to do that.” 

    oh christ

    Kawaii as fuc

    Ern! :3

    Ahhh yes so cute :3

  5. voiceofthemoon:

    Have you ever thought a bat can be so cute and adorable? Meet the cute prince of darkness! The honduran white bat, it is so tiny, only about 3.7cm - 4.7cm. They have cotton like white fur with yellow wing, nose and ear, and big dark eyes..
    They don’t live in caves, instead they make a unique nest. They cut the side veins of the large leave of helicornia plant and the leaves fall downward to make a tent like shape. Then, they gather on the middle of the leaf with a dozen of individual with females and males.

    OMFG these are so cute :3